perpetual motion machine designed by leonardo da vinci

Kanndoo was founded with the goal of eliminating poverty and homelessness. Our solution is simple: we provide shelter for people who have nowhere to stay, and we pay them to promote our products and services. This promotion increases the generation of funds, enabling us to help more people. At a critical point, the solution becomes self-sustaining, like a perpetual motion machine.

Imperfect Metaphor

Perpetual motion machines are a logical impossibility. By definition, they must violate probably the first and definitely the second law of thermodynamics. By entropy, inertia, or resource depletion, all such machines must fail. So why would we choose this metaphor for the Kanndoo project? Well, the secret to the perpetual motion of our project lies in a resource that is essentially infinite: our apps.

Infinite Resources

Apps are not like a traditional product. Once you have built an app (and we have about 30 and counting), you can make any number of copies, essentially for free. And you don't need a warehouse or a shop. 

We employ homeless people to promote our apps and sell the in-app advertising space. We are not going to run out of apps, so there will always be work for those we are trying to help. The funding generated is put towards helping more people. We help them by paying them to make our project more successful, which in turn increases the profitability of the Kanndoo project. Remember, we are a Community Interest Company, so profits don’t get distributed to shareholders, all the money goes back into helping people escape from poverty and homelessness.

And we aren’t just about apps – read about our other plans – Kanndoo is a rounded and self-sustaining solution to homelessness. See how you could get involved.