Personal Data Protection

The data we ask you to share and why:

Name and email address

When you download one of Kanndoo’s apps, you will be asked for your name and email address, this is necessary in order to create your own account within the app. We may use this to contact you about updates to the app. However, in keeping with international privacy laws (and honest fair play) we will never use this data for marketing purposes.

Your location

Our apps are based on sharing information with other app users in the local area. They won’t work if you don’t tell them where you are. You can do this by entering an address or allowing the app to access your smartphone’s geolocation. When listing products or services, you can select the location to list the item - this could be a public meeting point if you do not wish to share your location.

Phone number

We make a record of your phone number so that you have the option to share it with other users that you are meeting to exchange items or proffer services. This will not be shown to anyone until you have approved them. We will never use it for the purpose of contacting you or pass it to anyone else for that purpose.