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The Kanndoo Riddle

We make a thing that is many things,
None of which require manufacturing.

We have enough stock to supply every man, woman and child on the planet, forever.
It’s not perishable, one size fits all and we’ll never run out of stock.

We make a thing that does not need packaging or transportation, knows no boundaries or
borders and everyone in the world can help themselves to it.

Everyone wants it or needs it and it’s priceless when you need it.
It can be free and yet generate money.

And the money is given to the poor and those that help the poor.
We make a thing that funds housing for the homeless, cares for those in need and feeds the
hungry – everywhere in the world.

It funds charitable groups and organisations, that join us, so that they may help the poor
and those in need.

It funds the creation of free housing and shelters and creates a global care infrastructure.
Anyone can have it or be part of it.

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