Free app to help homeless people

Our app lists services that charities and support organisations are offering to homeless people and people living in poverty. Download the app for free and see all the help and support available within a five mile radius of your phone’s location.

On Track: Kanndoo’s Objective for the Coming Year
On Track: Kanndoo’s Objective for the Coming Year 20 January 2023
2022 Retrospective and Christmas Availability
2022 Retrospective and Christmas Availability 19 December 2022
Launching Our App in Norwich and Great Yarmouth
Launching Our App in Norwich and Great Yarmouth 18 October 2022

Our aims

How can we use software development and social media skills to help homeless people? Since 2017, we’ve been researching and speaking to people to ask them what they needed. The result is an app we’ve created to show where and when support services are available. The app will solve two issues:

Show disadvantaged people all the support available in their local area.

Kanndoo app helps homeless people

Bring together independent organisations who share our goals of helping people.


We’ve completed this first phase entirely self-funded. The app is ready to download and we’ve filled a database for the two centres of poverty in our local area - Norwich and Great Yarmouth - now we’re looking for assistance to roll out the project nationwide.

Areas covered by our database

In Phase 1, we asked disadvantaged people what they needed, built a simple-to-use app that can show what support is available, and populated a database of existing help in Norwich and Great Yarmouth as proof of concept. In Phase 2, we’ll be looking to expand the areas covered by our database. Can you help?

We want to use video to help people tell their stories of homelessness and poverty. If you’ve got an experience to share, we want to hear from you.

Who benefits from our work?

Rough sleepers

The Kanndoo app is designed to help the most disadvantaged people. By definition, rough sleepers are people whose fundamental needs are not being met. They can use the app to access the help and support that may already be available from their local community.

People living in poverty

We want the Kanndoo app to be used by people living in poverty to avoid the downward spiral into homelessness. The app shows support available in the local area, and can be used to set reminders and receive notifications of where to be at what time to access help.

Charities and support organisations

Charities do fantastic work in supporting individuals. We want to connect people who share our aims and the free software we’ve developed will help charities (and other support organisations) to work together effectively to reach those in need.


Kanndoo was founded with the belief that private sector innovation could be put to humanitarian use. Corporations who wish to demonstrate social responsibility can sponsor our measures to assist people experiencing poverty and homelessness.