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5 Ways to Help Homeless People in 2020

happy new year 2020

Happy new year everyone! It’s a time of resolution. At Kanndoo, we’re all about improving the lot of the poorest in our society. If one of your resolutions is to help others, here are 5 ways you can get involved in our project!

1. Download an app

We’ve developed over 30 useful and fun apps. We want to encourage as much take-up as possible to encourage a ‘virtuous circle’ whereby: the more people see the usefulness in a particular app, the more useful the app becomes! Money raised from downloads of our apps supports our other projects helping the homeless.

2. Rent your property to someone in need 

Last year, we started housing homeless people in rented properties. To encourage landlords to get involved in our scheme, Kanndoo guarantees the rent, and we guarantee that the property will be returned to the landlord in the condition that we obtained it. We don’t anticipate damage – but in the unlikely event, we will make good on any repairs.

3. Share your ideas

Have you got an idea for an app that might improve the lives of those in need? Our development team can help you bring that idea into existence and together we can make the world a better place.

4. Advertise with us

We are looking for corporate sponsors to feature in our location-sensitive advertising. Organisations that sign up will be promoted in our apps, on our ethical platform and even on billboards on the side of our accommodation pods.

5. Provide a site for our micro shelters

As our first run of our octagonal accommodation pods rolls off the production line, we are looking for landowners willing to help the homeless people on their doorstep. If you think you have a suitable site for a pod, we want to hear from you. 

Contact Kanndoo by emailing info@kanndoo.org or calling +44 (0)1603 851 707

You can get involved with Kanndoo in A lot of ways

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