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Looking for Sites for Our Accommodation Pods

Octagonal pods graphic

Our aim is to solve the problems of homelessness and poverty. One of our guiding principles is that nobody should have to sleep on the streets. We are bringing into production octagonal accommodation pods – accessible by our free software – that will provide a warm and secure shelter for anyone in need.

Easy Assembly

Our pods require no tools to assemble. The panels, from which the shelters are assembled, are all cut to shape by a CNC machine. This means that anyone with our design and access to a CNC machine can produce them. Our pods can be manufactured anywhere they are needed in the world – potentially providing temporary housing for refugees or those made homeless by natural disasters.

Modular System

Our unique pods are a distinctive octagonal shape and the interior has space for a 6ft adult to lie down outstretched. The wall sections can be machined to have a door or a window, and larger spaces can be made by putting two or more pods together connected by door panels. 

Software Accessible

The pods will be locked when not in use. Using our SHELTA app, people in need of somewhere to stay will be able to locate their nearest Kanndoo pod and gain access using a code sent to their phone via the app. 

Job Creation 

These pods need to be manufactured, delivered, assembled, cleaned, repaired and dismantled. All simple jobs that can be undertaken by homeless people who would like to start building a skillset, but who are often denied access to the job market through prejudicial bureaucracy. We’ll turn this situation on its head, and give preference to homeless people who are looking for work.

Advertising Space

Pods in prime locations can act as advertising billboards. Potentially generating a further income stream for our project. Kanndoo is a Community Interest Company – so any profits are ploughed straight back into helping the homeless community. The more money we can make through advertising on our apps and accommodation pods, the more people we can help. Advertising sales is another area where we will be able to provide preferential employment to homeless people.

As our first run of accommodation pods rolls off the production line, we are looking for landowners willing to help the homeless people on their doorstep. If you think you have a suitable site for a pod, we want to hear from you. Contact Kanndoo by emailing info@kanndoo.org or calling +44 (0)1603 851 707.

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