Download our app

Download the app for free and see all the help and support available for homeless people and people living in poverty within a five-mile radius of your phone’s location.

Post on social media

As our database is extended across the UK, share the word about the Kanndoo app on social media. You can also share our articles and videos.

Share your story

We create and share videos of people relating their experiences of homelessness and poverty. This helps keep us informed of what can make a difference.

Uploading organisations in your area

We’re happy for trusted charities and support organisations to upload information about services directly to the Kanndoo database.

Partnering with us

We want to hear from organisations in other countries who would like to use our software to roll out similar projects in their own regions.

Become a corporate sponsor

We’re looking for corporate sponsors in Norwich or Great Yarmouth who share our vision of helping people experiencing poverty and homelessness. Get in touch if you would like to help.


No. Kanndoo is not a charity. We are a non-profit Community Interest Company that has been privately funded through its start-up phase and is looking to expand funding through applications for grants and corporate sponsorship.

It’s hard to put an exact figure for mobile phone ownership in the homeless population - but ownership estimates from studies of homeless populations vary between 60-95% and access is basically universal.

Homeless people use their smartphones in the same way as homed people – to stay in touch with their contacts through calls and texts, and to browse information on the internet. The difference is that the information they access might provide the location of their next meal or a phone call might find them a place to sleep for the night.

Money raised from grants and sponsorship is used to achieve our goals and fund:

  • Further development of software enabling access to support for people in dire need.
  • The making of videos for our YouTube channel sharing the experiences of people living in poverty or on the streets and highlighting their needs.
  • Social media promotions to get more people involved in our project and create momentum around app downloads.

We’re not asking for handouts. Becoming a corporate sponsor of Kanndoo comes with some very real benefits for your business. Including showing your organisation to be socially responsible, and inclusion in Kanndoo’s promotional and public outputs.

If you’ve downloaded the Kanndoo app and its returning no results, it's likely that our database of services has not been completed for your area. Please check the coverage map on our homepage to see what areas are currently covered.

On Track: Kanndoo’s Objective for the Coming Year
On Track: Kanndoo’s Objective for the Coming Year 20 January 2023
2022 Retrospective and Christmas Availability
2022 Retrospective and Christmas Availability 19 December 2022
Launching Our App in Norwich and Great Yarmouth
Launching Our App in Norwich and Great Yarmouth 18 October 2022