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There are lots of ways that you can get involved in the Kanndoo project:

  • Download An App

    The easiest way to get involved with the work we are doing is to download one of our apps and start using it. We want to encourage as much take-up as possible to encourage a ‘virtuous circle’ whereby: the more people see the usefulness in a particular app, the more useful the app becomes!

  • Sponsorship

    We are always looking for corporate sponsors who can help fund our projects helping the homeless and dispossessed. Corporate sponsors will be featured in our in-app location-sensitive advertising.

    We are happy to provide an accreditation stamp that businesses who sponsor us can put on their website to show that they are helping the local community. Never underestimate the power of showing corporate responsibility – there’s a generation growing up that won’t spend a penny with companies that can’t prove that they care about the environment and the communities that they operate in.

  • Job Opportunities

    We are a small but creative team, working hard to create apps that will improve the lives of everyone. When we’re hiring, we’ll let you know here first.

    There are currently no positions available.

  • Business Opportunities

    Some of our apps are designed to work with an infrastructure that will create business opportunities. We’re always looking for enterprising people who would like to work with our ideas.

    Business opportunities are coming. Check back soon.

  • Got An Idea

    Do you have an idea for an app that could improve the lives of those in need? We can work with you to develop and distribute it.