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We’ve made four of our most popular apps - formerly available for 99p - completely free. The Kanndoo business model has always been about giving. After all, any profits we make are channelled back into the community to help the poorest members of society. And we want the world to benefit from our software innovations. So here you go… download our apps, for free, today.

Free Apps

All of the apps are available in the Apple Store and on Google Play.

Don8ta - help others by decluttering

We’ve designed an app that lets people list unwanted items for collection by those who can put them to better use. Instead of binning your unwanted items or going to the trouble of taking them to the tip – where they may well end up in landfill – you can help others in your community.

Download Don8ta

Needa - collect free giveaways in your community

Download the Needa app to see items that have been listed to be given away for free by users of the sister app Don8ta within a five-mile radius of your location. You could find things you need yourself or salvage items that could be resold online or at boot fairs.

Download Needa

Joba - help others by providing labour opportunities

We think communities could benefit from a mechanism to put people who need casual labour in touch with people who are looking for work. You can talk to applicants before accepting them and all financial transactions are agreed and managed by you.

Download Joba

Grafta - view paid work opportunities in your community

The partner app to Joba is Grafta which you can use to view jobs posted within a five mile radius of your location. You can talk to potential employers before accepting them and agreeing terms that suit both parties.

Download Grafta

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