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Providing Phones and SIM Cards for Homeless People

homeless man holds mobile phone

As part of our project to eliminate poverty and improve the lot of the least privileged in our society, Kanndoo will be providing phones and SIM cards to the homeless people who work with us. Here’s how the system will work.

Fantastic Business Opportunity

We will pay homeless people to approach local companies with a fantastic opportunity: the chance to market their business and show their social responsibility credentials by helping the homeless at the same time! Organisations that sign up will be promoted within our suite of over thirty apps, on our ethical platform, and even on billboards on the side of our accommodation pods.

Simple Solution for the Phoneless

Our teams of workers are going to need a smartphone and a SIM in order to carry out the work. We don’t want there to be anything standing in the way of the poorest people applying for these jobs. So, if they don’t have a phone, we plan to provide them with one. Simple as that.

Capitalise on Philanthropy

The phone will come pre-installed with one of our apps – an app which allows the worker to take the details of each sponsor that signs up. We’ll invoice the sponsor for advertising (which is a tax-deductible expense!).  We’ll provide an information pack and a window sticker to help the sponsor capitalise on their philanthropy.

Wall of Fame

The app provided to our representative allows them to take a picture of the business, there and then, which is immediately posted in all of our suite of over thirty apps.  Users of any of our apps (within a 5-mile radius) will immediately start seeing advertisements for the sponsor’s business.   The location of the business will automatically appear on the maps that are integral to all of our apps. And links to the business’s website will be posted in-app and on our own website. Big donors will make it onto our Wall of Fame.  

The money raised will be split between the individual homeless person who struck the deal, and our other projects to help homeless people: such as the manufacture of our shelters and the rental of private sector housing for the homeless.

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