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Buy It Forward in the Kanndoo Shop

buy it forward kit

When we decided to add a shop to the Kanndoo website, we wanted it to mirror our own philosophy. A commercial enterprise that could be used to help others. That’s when we came up with the concept of ‘Buy It Forward’. Items in our shop can be purchased for yourself or bought on behalf of a homeless person.

Pay It Forward

We were inspired by the concept of ‘pay it forward’ (which we wrote about in a blogpost earlier this year) - this is the idea that when someone does you a favour, rather than repaying it, you pay it forward by doing someone else a good turn and encouraging them to do the same. Thus sending your favour out into the world.

During the coronavirus lockdowns, options for doing favours for strangers were somewhat limited, so we thought we would create an online space where people could buy it forward by purchasing essential items for people in need.

Expanding Stock

We are adding to our range of essential items available from our shop all the time. As well as items such as clothes and sleeping bags, you can also buy gift vouchers that can be used in supermarkets. The most recent addition is our essentials kit bag containing sanitary items.

Check out the Kanndoo shop and Buy It Forward for someone in need today.