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What Does 'Pay It Forward' Mean?

pay it forward

In a society where many individuals are indifferent to their fellow citizens, the mantra of ‘pay it forward’ is a lesson in applied ethics. The idea is this: when you do someone a good turn, rather than selfishly expecting the favour to be returned with yourself as the beneficiary, you ask the person you’ve helped to ‘pay it forward’ by assisting someone else. Thus sending your goodwill out into the world.

Support Homeless People 

Relying, as it does, on people’s innate willingness to help each other (rather than wait around for state benefits and charitable handouts) we’ve always found the doctrine of ‘pay it forward’ rather appealing. When we added a shop to the Kanndoo website, we wanted to include a feature that would allow people to buy an item for a homeless person. A sort of online shopping equivalent of paying it forward.

Coming Soon

The shop has only just gone live, and the only stock currently consists of our branded Kanndoo T-shirts! But we plan to add items such as sleeping bags, warm jackets, self-heating meals, water bottles and gift bags of sanitation items - all of which can be bought for yourself, as a gift to someone you know, or as a gift to someone that needs it.

Has someone done you a good turn recently? Pay it forwards in the Kanndoo Shop!

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