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Technology to Help People Isolated by Coronavirus

apps to help people affected by Coronavirus

The partial lockdown of the UK in response to the outbreak of the Covid-19 novel Coronavirus has meant that face-to-face aspects of our projects have had to be put on hold. However, software development is able to continue, and our development team has been thinking of ways that our technology could be used to help out in this crisis.  

The Local Factor

We figured that the emergent principle of localism - evidenced by the springing up of numerous online support groups - could be harnessed to help people who are unable to get out and about. The trick is to get the right help to the right people, and this is where the new pair of apps, Cocara and Covaida, that we have devised can help.


If you need something - medical supplies, food, toilet paper - and you can’t get it because you are self-isolating and all the supermarket deliveries are booked out for the foreseeable future.. Download Cocara and list the item you require. Your location and needs will be shown on the map to users of the sister app Covaida.


If you are healthy and looking for a way to help the vulnerable, download Covaida. The map will reveal the location and needs of people that need help within five miles of your location. 

We founded Kanndoo with the intention of using technology to enable and connect people. Through the use of our apps, homeless people could find shelter and housing, those without work could find employment, and those in direst need could be connected to people in a position to help them. 

There are always people who are willing to help - whether the crisis is homelessness, poverty or Coronavirus. Our technology enables accurate communication between people to get the right help to those who need it. 

By working together, we can get through this and come out the other side stronger. Together we Kanndoo it!

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