Child Food Poverty: Hunger at Christmas

Food items in a box

If there is a single issue on which people of all political persuasions should agree, surely it is that any instance of child food poverty is a disgrace in the 6th richest economy in the world. Yet, despite anger from all sides that this continues to be an issue, 250,000 children may go hungry this Christmas.

This figure made headlines after it was reported by the Childhood Trust who surveyed families and found 28% of parents would forgo festive meals and presents this Christmas or face going into debt.

Financial pressures to families this Christmas identified in the report include:

  • Cuts to Universal Credit
  • Near doubling of heating fuel costs
  • Increased costs of car fuel and groceries
  • Unemployment following end of Covid furlough scheme

The report highlights the impact of these pressures will be particularly harshly felt in the capital. With the percentage of survey respondents in London reporting that they will be unable to fund a Christmas dinner near double the rate for the rest of the country (UK 18%, London 34%).

At Kanndoo, we have made it our mission to end poverty. Ours is a long term plan, bringing to bear the skills and insights of our software developers in the private sector to succeed where charities and government have failed.

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