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Joba Joba

Provides a mechanism for broadcasting short term work opportunities that can be viewed by anyone using GRAFTA. Jobs can be listed so as to be accessible by users of GRAFTA or specifically limited to those who need the work most – CARA users.

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Grafta Grafta

Receives the broadcast from JOBA and enables people to sign up for short term work opportunities.

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Don8ta Don8ta

Provides a platform for people to give items away. These items and the location for collection will be posted on a map accessible by people using NEEDA or CARA. Donators can indicate whether the item is generally available or limited to users of CARA.

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Needa Needa

Items donated in DON8TA are visible as pins in a user-centred map. The user can see the location of donated items and stake a claim by pressing the pin.

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Housa Housa

The core function of HOUSA is to enable landlords to notify CARA and DWELLA users of available rooms and our planned micro-dwellings. It also does much more than that. It can be used as a full property management tool, allowing landlords to keep track of when things need doing in properties they are renting out.

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Dwella Dwella

See all available rentals and housing options within 5 miles that have been posted using HOUSA. The system bypasses expensive letting agent fees.

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Activ8ta Activ8ta

Get involved with community and sports activities in your area. A regularly-updated itinerary of local sports and activities: after school clubs, football leagues, activities aimed at the disabled.

Activ8ta - Coming Soon

Activ8ta Activ8ta

The partner to ACTIV8TA. For people who create and manage activities so they can quickly and conveniently broadcast details of upcoming events.

Activ8ta Manaja - Coming Soon

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