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Crafta Crafta

CRAFTA is for those hardworking hobbyists who make and sell beautiful objets d’art at local craft fairs. Signing up to CRAFTA will put them on a map where lovers of all things crafty can find them.

Crafta - Coming Soon

Craftseeka Craftseeka

For people who are into arts and crafts in a big way. CRAFTSEEKA allows people to locate craftworkers on the map and go directly to maker rather than waiting for the next craft fair.

Craftseeka - Coming Soon

Farma Farma

For producers of home-grown fruit & veg. Want to distribute or sell a bumper surplus from your garden or allotment? Need to advertise the location of your roadside egg honesty box? FARMA is for you.

Farma - Coming Soon

Eco Buya Eco Buya

Buying locally grown produce is one of the most ecologically sound choices that people and organisations (restaurants etc) can make. Reduce your carbon footprint and get access to the very best home grown produce with this app.

Eco Buya - Coming Soon

Distributa Distributa

We originally developed DISTRIBUTA for homeless people to find paid work in leaflet distribution on behalf of Kanndoo and affiliate organisations. However, its scope has grown alongside our own ambitions. Users of this app can now also help with sales of sponsorship and advertising space on the other Kanndoo apps.

The system enables you to keep track of your revenue generation and to recruit workers through GRAFTA and CARA.

Distributa - Coming Soon

“"As you’ve noticed, people don’t want to be sold. What people do want is news and information about the things they care about."”

Larry Weber