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Created for people who may need to access care – principally ‘the homeless’ in its broadest definition: those with no permanent address.

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The Key Features Of CARA Are:

  • Providing a digital platform for homeless people to record their location, ailments, issues, medications and legal issues. In times of crisis or intervention, they can choose to share this data with users of AIDA.
  • Showing users the location of:
    • Collection points for donations targeted specifically at this group (e.g. warm clothes, pop-up tents, sanitary products and sleeping bags for rough sleepers).
    • Work Opportunities offered specifically to the users of the CARA app.
    • Accommodation (including emergency shelters during cold weather and planned micro-dwellings).
    • Local Charitable Entities that may be able to help - soup kitchens, food banks, legal advice centres.
  • SOS Function – In a time of crisis, a user of CARA may broadcast their location to all users of AIDA.
  • Rating support organisations. – Users of CARA can rate the organisations that offer them support. We believe nobody is better suited to deciding which charities deserve backing than the users of the services themselves, so we use this rating information to decide which organisations should benefit from the money we raise.