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Find fundraisers, after school clubs and specialist events near you…

Download ACTIV8TA to receive “shout outs” from people who are running events in your community! You’ll be able to see all the activities within 5 miles of your location anywhere in the world. People in your town or village may be planning events and activities right now! You can even use the app to contact event organisers before attending to find out if this is the right activity for you.

You can choose whether to join in or attend as a spectator:

  • Charity fundraising events
  • After school activities for your kids
  • Volunteering opportunities for team sports
  • Musical jam sessions
  • Amateur dramatics
  • Park runs

ACTIV8TA is one of more than a dozen apps being released by Kanndoo. Our aim is to tackle the scourge of poverty and homelessness. Help people in need by downloading our app today.