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Shout out your events to prospective attendees within 5 miles of your location…

Broadcast information about the social events and activities that you host. Your events will be visible on the map to users of the sister app ACTIV8TA, who can apply to participate where appropriate or attend as spectators. ACTIV8TA MANAJA is a great tool for managing multiple activities and getting in contact with interested parties.

Share news of activities and events you’ve organised:

  • Charity fundraising events
  • After school activities for kids
  • Volunteering positions for team sports
  • Musical jam sessions
  • Amateur dramatics
  • Park runs

ACTIV8TA MANAJA is one of more than a dozen apps being released by Kanndoo. Our aim is to tackle the scourge of poverty and homelessness. Help people in need by downloading our app today.