Biggest Problems of 2021 and Kanndoo Plans for 2022


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The ‘Everybody In’ campaign that housed nearly every rough sleeper in the country during the initial outbreak of Covid 19 demonstrated once-and-for-all that this most visible example of homelessness can be solved in a flash where there is the will to do so. Unfortunately, they kicked Everybody Out again and rough sleeping in 2021 is back to pre-pandemic levels.

At Kanndoo we have an integrated global solution to poverty and homelessness ready to roll. We emailed every single council in England to let them know that we were ready to help, and received a total of zero responses. Nevertheless, we have big plans for 2022 that start with a giveaway.

In advance of the New Year, we’ve made all of our apps completely free to download. Thousands of hours of programming time, and we’re just giving them away! What’s the catch? There is no catch. We want as many people as possible to start downloading and using our apps so giving them away looks like the fastest way to achieve that.

Where governments and charities have failed, we want to achieve our goal of an end to global poverty and homelessness. The apps are a key driver in this plan, they establish connections and give us a platform to approach advertisers and retail establishments with more ideas.

We already directly house and employ homeless people. With income from advertising on our apps, we can take this further, using technology to cut out middlemen and raise profits that go directly to helping the very poorest.

So… Merry Christmas - enjoy your holiday - and if your thoughts turn to those less fortunate than you. Here’s a way that you can connect with people and help others less fortunate than yourself in the New Year. Make it your resolution to download and use a Kanndoo App, today.