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The True Cost of Ending Rough Sleeping

sleeping rough on park bench

In government budget terms, £82,000,000 is a drop in the ocean. This, after all, is a government that can spend 50x that on a track and trace system that didn’t work when it needed to and is going into overdrive now it doesn’t need to. But £82,000,000 is the figure that leading homelessness charities say must be spent in order not to see a surge of homeless people returning to the streets this winter.

This additional funding was made available in the Chancellor of the Exchequer’s Autumn statement. Charities are anxious that this huge handout not be taken away. And ministers are keen that public funds should not be spent on people with the wrong immigration status. And some people will be helped and others will be left out and so it has always been.

Charities do great work helping people but they will not end homelessness by toeing the government line in search of handouts.

At Kanndoo, we have a different approach. Our unique way of generating funds means we do not have to pay lip service to government policy as we are not reliant on their funding. All profit raised from sales of our apps and merchandise in our shop goes directly to helping those who need it most. 

We also employ homeless people to promote our apps and sell the in-app advertising space. The funds generated are put towards helping more people. We help them by paying them to make our project more successful, which in turn increases the profitability of the Kanndoo project.

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