Housing Options: Relocate to the North East

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We make no secret of the fact that our primary objective is to provide housing for those who have none. We want to reduce the homeless population to zero and we are only to pleased to partner with organisations that are offering housing solutions. AMRP Relocations are helping people on benefits to move to the North East of England.

Reasons to Relocate

There are lots of reasons for wanting or needing to relocate. A person might:

  • Have family links to the area.
  • Want a change of lifestyle.
  • Want to live somewhere more urban or more rural. 
  • Be struggling to find pet-friendly.
  • Be unable to find affordable accommodation in their local area.

AMRP Relocations have developed a simple and hassle-free process for anyone who'd like to relocate to the North East. Schemes like this could help some people who are falling into the cycle of homelessness.

Applicants are referenced by Durham County Council and, if accepted, guaranteed a home with rent covered by their housing benefit entitlement, with no top up! Only a one off £200 fee is payable on signing a tenancy agreement.

Success Stories

The AMRP website features a number of first-person accounts of successful relocations. Colin relocated to turn his life around. The former drug-user now works as a peer mentor for Durham Constabulary:

“All in all: my life now has both a meaning and a purpose and in all honesty I doubt I’d be here now if it wasn’t for the move I’ve made coming up here. One thing I will say is this; if you’re thinking about doing it yourself, go for it. If your life is a total mess then you’ve got nothing whatsoever to lose, and who knows you may just save your life.”

If the idea of relocation to the North East of England is appealing, why not join the AMRP waiting list? No single approach is going to be right for every homeless person. But schemes like this one and our proposed project to provide micro-dwellings help people by providing them with an opportunity for housing that they might not have realised existed.

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