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Bespoke Home Provision Services for Local Authorities

volunteer helps homeless person

We are called Kanndoo because tackling homelessness and poverty is what we Can Do.  And we do it because we Can Do. This fact has started to come to the attention of some Local Authorities here in the UK and we are on the cusp of providing bespoke services that will help Councils meet their obligations to help the poorest of their constituents.

Different Strokes for Different Folks

Because our solution operates globally, we are aware that there are different requirements in different areas of the country. Urban centres may be experiencing an epidemic of Rough Sleepers, rural areas may have a higher proportion of the hidden homeless - sofa surfers and people sleeping in their work vehicles.

Fortunately, we have developed a multi faceted approach and different aspects of our services can be brought to the fore to tackle the particular problems that a Local Authority identifies as its chief concerns.

Housing First

Our creed is that every person deserves a secure and safe place to live and sleep. Once this fundamental need is met, other concerns such as mental health and addiction issues can be addressed. 

For the most severe and visible examples of homelessness - rough sleepers in the depths of winter - we are producing pop-up shelters that can be installed on Council-owned land in a matter of hours or permanently located on land we provide. 

These secure pods - accessible by our software - provide immediate shelter from the elements while we look into a more permanent solution.

In the next step, we acquire homes from the private rental market and let them to homeless people, acting as guarantors on their behalf. We assist people with acquiring the benefits that they are entitled to that will enable them to pay rent and bills and, in the event of a default (this happens much more rarely than you might assume), we ensure that the landlord is not left out of pocket.

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