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All I Want for Christmas Is: Kanndoo

gingerbread house with happy homeless gingerbread men

The homeless get a lot of attention at Christmas. If only that level of attention could be maintained all year round. At Kanndoo, we aim to eliminate poverty and make sure that everyone has a warm safe place to live – whatever the season.

2019 has been a busy year, we launched over 30 apps! The success of any one of these (or the many more that are in the pipeline) would be sufficient to serve as the driver for the next stage of our project – housing the homeless. Either in our octagonal accommodation pods, or by our arrangement with landlords to guarantee rents from people that the private rented sector might otherwise overlook.

We have already started employing homeless people to sell advertising space and sponsorship deals in our apps and will be looking to expand this programme during 2020!

We’d like to wish all our partners and associates a merry Christmas! We look forward to working together in the new year!

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