59% of Charities Have No Digital Strategy

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A report from TechTrust – the organisation that helps UK charities access free advertising on Google – reveals that 59% of charities have no digital strategy. Anecdotally, we have witnessed an astounding level of technophobia in the charity and social care sector. There’s a serious lack of connect with our proposed technological solutions to the problems of poverty and homelessness. Part of our mission has become to explain how technology can benefit social care.

Charitable Inefficiency

Organisations within the private sector have been using technological solutions for decades. Those that did not or could not adapt to the digital age have been left behind. Meanwhile, in the charitable sector, well-meaning people are trying to solve problems one person at a time.

Time and again, we find ourselves trying to educate parts of the sector that seem determined to avoid change. Where we had hoped and anticipated that our solutions would be embraced, we have been met with obstruction, confusion and denial of the benefits of technology.

Digital Solutions

A common response to any mention of digital solutions is an assumption that we are referring to the lack of word processors or spreadsheets! Our suggestion is altogether bolder: we propose the supply, for free, of customised digital solutions that will tackle the weaknesses within social care services across the board – urgently addressing a lack of ingenuity, technological insight and business analysis in the sector.  

Of course, some charities are using technology effectively. In our area, we’ve noticed a number of proposals for tackling issues facing donations to homeless people now fewer willing donators have spare change in their pocket. We hope that these kinds of innovations are the beginning of a sea change in the sector's approach to technology.

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